Administer Group’s Code of Conduct on responsibility and ethical conduct

Administer Group is a multi-talent in payroll and financial management services, software services, consulting, personnel and international services. We are the largest salary outsourcing partner in Finland and the leading expert in the fight against the grey economy. Our services are used by more than 5,000 customers, from SMEs to large companies, as well as municipalities and other public sector actors. Founded in 1985, the company is listed on the First North list of Nasdaq Helsinki. Administer Group consists of payroll management service company Silta Oy, accounting company Administer, business service and employment expert Econia Oy and software company EmCe Solution Partner Oy. In addition, the Group includes other subsidiaries and associated companies. 

One of the main principles of Administer Group is to be a good corporate citizen. Our goal is to achieve the long-term profitability of our business by operating ethically and responsibly. We firmly believe that by doing the right thing, we can promote both successful business and the well-being of our customers and employees.

This Code of Conduct defines the general guidelines that all Administer Group employees, including management, and our stakeholders, such as subcontractors, are expected to follow. The Management Team of Administer Group has approved this Code of Conduct, and it will be reviewed and revised when necessary. All practices within Administer Group, such as rules, instructions and policies, must fully comply with this Code of Conduct.

Content of the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct covers compliance with laws, rules and regulations, environmental aspects, human rights, anti-corruption, the obligation of secrecy and responsibility for employees. In addition to this general Code of Conduct, the Group also applies more detailed rules and instructions, such as the occupational safety and health plan, instructions concerning money laundering, instructions concerning data security and data protection, occupational safety rules and the early support model.

Code of Conduct in Everyday Work

Administer Group companies implement this Code of Conduct actively, openly and ethically. The Group will do everything in its power to resolve any ethical and legal issues, and problems relating to the environment, workforce and human rights, following this Code of Conduct, even in challenging cases where there might be room for interpretation.

Everyone working for the Group is responsible for promoting the Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct or need help in interpreting it, contact the Group HR.

Code of Conduct in detail

We comply with legislation and regulatory provisions

We diligently follow current legislation and the regulatory provisions and regulations provided by public authorities.

We strive for sustainable development and consider our environmental impact

Even though the direct environmental impact of Administer Group is relatively small, we pay attention to environmental aspects in our business operations. We are a pioneer in electronic services and prefer them when producing our services. Our goals include reducing travel and increasing video conferences, reducing the use of printouts and developing and utilising different electronic tools to work with our customers.

In our offices, we recycle our waste, strive to reduce the use of energy and prefer sustainable solutions and recycled materials. We are committed to using environmentally friendly products and solutions in our purchases.

We respect human rights

We respect national and internationally recognised human rights as they are stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the UN. For example, we consider the following human rights to be fundamental and universal: freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of peaceful assembly, as well as freedom from discrimination based on race, age, nationality, sex or sexual orientation.

We do not offer or accept bribes

No one working for or with the Group is allowed to seek personal benefit by misusing their position or any property or information that belongs to the Group. An Administer employee cannot take part in decision-making that concerns the business of a Group company with any other company that the employee or their related party is involved in.

We do not receive or offer any gifts or hospitality that goes beyond regular business practices or could affect objectivity.

Intervention in suspicious business operations or suspected money laundering

The customer will always be requested to provide additional clarification on unusual activities, such as business operations or transfers of funds that are of unusual financial value, or activities that are exceptional in the customer’s line of business or the light of the customer’s general operations. If the customer is not able to provide sufficient clarification to show that the activities are appropriate and legal, the observations must be reported to the supervisor and, if necessary, to the authorities.

We process data carefully and confidentially

To manage the Group companies’ payroll and financial management, the company maintains and processes highly confidential data. We process the data carefully and following legislation and we make sure we protect privacy and comply with the GDPR when processing personal data.

When using social media, we follow the same principles regarding confidentiality and accuracy of information that we follow in our other communications. We act appropriately and responsibly in social media, without damaging Administer’s reputation or brand.

Responsibility for the Group’s employees

Responsibility for our employees is central to the Group’s social responsibility. A good work community and respect for the individual form the basis of our operations. We comply with labor laws and follow the collective agreement in our industry. We uphold equality and do not tolerate bullying, harassment, or discrimination. We provide a safe work environment and ensure our employees’ well-being at work. We also encourage our employees to develop and grow both personally and professionally.