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Administer Group is your boldly different trusted partner who will take care of financial and payroll management and HR services for you while you focus on achieving your goals, whether you are seeking business growth or savings for your municipality. Our visionary experts can identify your needs and together we can always innovate the best solutions for your situation.

We will provide you with boldly different solutions tailored to your needs

Accelerating technological development has also paved the way for change in working life and the methods used therein. Hand-written charts are no longer enough. Electronic business is a timely solution for the needs of modern life. However, our sector is still plagued by resistance towards change. A common belief is that there is no need to fix something that is not broken, unless absolutely necessary.

At Administer Group, we are boldly different: we think that there is still room for development for financial and payroll management and HR services. We strive to take the sector forward. Innovation excites us and we seek new solutions with a curious and open mind.

We deliver easy and effortless financial and payroll management and HR services for companies and municipalities. We listen to your needs and develop the best solutions just for you. Our integrations are tailored to fit your needs, whether you need services from one or more company at Administer Group. After the solution has been implemented, we will make sure that the processes and systems are also constantly developed. It is our job to listen, react and actively provide counsel.

Administer Group is your boldly different trusted partner

You can choose the company that best suits your needs from our list
  • Adner provides financial management for medium and large companies
  • Administer takes care of electronic financial and payroll management for companies
  • Kuntalaskenta will find the best financial and payroll management solutions for municipalities
  • Silta provides you with expert HR and payroll services


For us, being a boldly different trusted partner means that we are not only looking out for our own future, but we are also actively engaged in development in your business sector. We want to innovate miracles with you. Solutions that are scalable and help you find success.

Administer Group is your boldly different trusted partner.
We will listen to your needs and innovate boldly different solutions for you.