Privacy Policies

All Administer Group companies (hereinafter referred to as “Administer”) are committed to protecting your privacy. We only process your personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection and privacy laws and good data processing practices.

Administer is the controller of personal data concerning customers, website visitors, distributors, suppliers, subcontractors, shareholders, insiders and job applicants. On this page, we provide general information on the processing of personal data by Administer as well as instructions on how to exercise your rights pertaining to the processing of your personal data. Administer Plc is responsible for the technical administration of the personal data files and acts as a single point of contact with regard to data protection issues.

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All of the joint controllers of the data file are specified on the Group’s website at

Why do we process your personal data, what kinds of data do we process and on what grounds?

There are different types of data subjects. For each type, there is more detailed information about what kind of personal data we process and for what purposes personal data are processed in different circumstances. Click a section below that corresponds to your position to find more detailed information on what kinds of personal data we collect and process about you. In each section, we also state the purpose for which we process personal data and the legal basis for processing.

Privacy policy for customers and contact persons

This Privacy Policy describes how the Administer Group collects and processes personal data for common purposes.

Privacy policy for customers and contact persons

Privacy Policy for supplier and partner data

This Privacy Policy applies to the partner activities of the Administer Group.

Privacy policy for supplier and partner data

Privacy Policy for the whistleblowing procedure

This Privacy Policy describes how Administer collects, processes and protects the personal data of persons who report a suspected violation via the whistleblowing procedure and persons who are the subject of such a report.

Privacy policy, whistleblowing procedure

Privacy Policy for job applicants

This Privacy Policy provides information on how Administer and its employees, partners and subsidiaries process personal data in the context of recruitment.

Privacy policy for job applicants

Privacy Policy for eFina Mobile

This privacy policy describes how personal data is processed in connection with eFina Mobile application (“application”) for iOS and Android.

Privacy policy for eFina Mobile

Money laundering data file Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy describes what kinds of personal data Administer collects for the money laundering data file and how these personal data are processed.

Money laundering data file Privacy Policy

Administer Group’s Code of Conduct on responsibility and ethical conduct

This Code of Conduct covers compliance with laws, rules and regulations, environmental aspects, human rights, anti-corruption, the obligation of secrecy and responsibility for employees.

Administer Group Code of Conduct

Anja Hänninen

Compliance officer, Administer Group



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