We promote responsible business practices

We look after the finances of numerous companies and the wages of hundreds of thousands of people in our customer companies, so ethical business operations and compliance with laws and regulations are a matter of course for us. We promote responsible business practices both in our customer companies and in our own operations.

We pay our taxes in Finland, in every municipality we operate in. We want to support the vitality of every corner of the country and offer our clients local service everywhere in Finland. Our financial management professionals are familiar with our customers’ operating environment.

We take good care of our customers’ finances as well as our own. With profitable business and good governance, we ensure the continuity of our operations. Everyone at Administer Group knows our Code of Conduct and our processes for preventing bribery and corruption. Strong data protection is a prerequisite of our business. With our data protection policy, we ensure that the legal rights and requirements relating to the processing of the personal data of our customers, personnel and other stakeholders are observed.

Our sustainability strategy has three focus areas: ethical and responsible business practices, climate-friendliness and ecology, and people and the working environment.


Administer Group Code of Conduct