Mergers and acquisitions

In addition to organic growth, Administer’s strategy also includes inorganic and scalable growth through business acquisitions, for which the smaller accountant firms in the industry offer an excellent opportunity in the view of Administer’s management.

Administer has completed acquisitions described below since 1 January 2018.

  • Kuntalaskenta Oy. In April 2018, the company acquired 49.9 per cent of Kuntalaskenta Oy, which offers financial management services to customers in the public sector.
  • Silta Group Oy. In May 2018, Administer completed the acquisition of all the shares of Silta Group Oy. Silta Group Oy provides payroll calculation and HR administration expert services. Following the acquisition, Silta continued its business independently in the group and with its own brand.
  • Administer Oy Turku, Administer Oy Jyväskylä and Tilitoimisto Polojärvi Oy. In 2019, Administer acquired the minority shareholdings in Administer Oy Turku, Administer Oy Jyväskylä and Tilitoimisto Polojärvi Oy with the result that the company now holds all shares of these companies. The purpose of this arrangement was to streamline the Administer group structure.
  • EmCe Solution Partner Oy. In August 2021, Administer executed the EmCe transaction by acquiring all the shares of EmCe Solution Partner Oy. With the EmCe business acquisition, Administer gained ownership of the financial management and ERP software, which has a significant impact especially on the software services offered by Administer.
  • Tilikamut Oy. Administer acquired in October 2021 all the shares of a company called Tilikamut Oy through a share exchange. Tilikamut Oy owns 100 per cent of Konnektor Oy.
  • WaBuCo Oy. Administer strengthened its international expertise in financial and payroll management by acquiring WaBuCo Financial Services Oy. The purchase prise was paid in connection with finalization of acquisition is appr. EU 466,419 and it was paid in new shares in Administer. For this reason Administer carried out a directed share issue to WaBuCo’s current owners based on the authorisation given by the General Meeting on 4 November 2021.
  • Konjunktuuri Oy. Administer bought the payroll services of Konjunktuuri Oy, based in Varkaus, and it became part of Tilikamut Oy, part of Administer Group, through an asset acquisition. The acquisition strengthens the operations of Tilikamut and Administer Group in the Savo area, as the Group got a new office in Varkaus.
  • Sydän-Suomen Taloushallinta Oy. Administer bought in April 2022 Sydän-Suomen Taloushallinta Oy, based in Pihtipudas. The transaction strengthens Administer’s operations and services offering in Central Finland with new offices in Pihtipudas and Kinnula.
  • Tilitoimisto Ollikainen Oy. Administer bought in June 2022 the accounting business of Tilitoimisto Ollikainen. The business transaction will strengthen Administer’s operations in Southern Savonia with a new office in Mikkeli.
  • Laine Consulting Company Oy. Administer bought in August 2022 Laine Consulting Company in Raisio by business transaction whereby the accounting business and personnel of Laine Consulting Company transferred to Administer. The business acquisition strengthens Administer’s operations in the Turku region, where there is already an office of Administer Group.
  • Tunturi-Lapin Yrityspalvelu Ky. Administer bought in October 2022 the accounting business of Tunturi-Lapin Yrityspalvelu Ky. The business transaction will strengthen Administer’s operations in Northern Finland.
  • Econia Oy. Administer bought in November 2022 Econia, which is an expert company specialised in financial and HR administration and international services. Econia operates in 13 locations in Finland and in Fuengirola, Spain.
  • Varkauden Tili Oy. Administer bought in November 2022 the accounting business of Varkauden Tili Oy. The business transaction will strengthen Administer’s operations in Savonia area, Finland.
  • Administer Oy Uusimaa. Administer acquires Administer Oy Uusimaa to its sole ownership in December 2022. The acquisition, whereby Administer Plc purchases 19% minority shareholding of Administer Oy Uusimaa, was made by Administer Plc and Mäntsälän Osuuspankki. After the transaction Administer Plc owns all shares in Administer Oy Uusimaa.
  • Ruukintili Oy. Administer bought in January 2023 the accounting business of Ruukintili Oy. The business transaction will strengthen Administer’s operations in South Eastern area, Finland.