Administer wants to be the best player in its field of business with the customer experience and innovative mindset as well as with its comprehensive service offering and technological solutions.

Administer’s mission is to ensure smooth and efficient financial management and payroll administration for its customers. The company’s vision is to provide a customer experience exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Technological advantage

  • In the view of Administer’s management, the company’s technological advantage over its competitors, based on the use of artificial intelligence, automation and ERP in Administer’s operations, supports the acquisition of new customers, and the successful customer experience helps engaging the customers. The company can provide a comprehensive service offering, which among other things enables the success of its customers in their own business operations.[1]

[1] The company management’s estimation

Own sales of services and solutions

Administer’s own sales of services and solutions are the most important enabler of growth. Professional and active sales activities create the foundations for the increase in net sales, which is supported with business acquisitions. Administer will also invest more in the public sector in the future.

Competence and well-being of the company’s personnel

Administer is strongly focused on the competence and well-being of its personnel. Administer strives to establish an attractive and interesting position in the challenging labour market. Satisfied personnel create the basis for a good customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Administer in 2022–2024

  • The strategy period of 2022–2024 is focused on Administer’s growth, as the company seeks for a significant market share in domestic financial management and payroll administration services and solutions as well as consulting. The company also aims to expand its business operations in Sweden. Administer strives to bring new products and services to the market and actively seeks opportunities for business acquisitions suitable for its operations. The company has invested heavily for future growth and has built a strong foundation to take on the next leap of growth.
  • Administer’s growth targets include the acquisition of new customers, an increase of sales to its existing customers, and business acquisitions.
  • In the future, Administer aims to offer the new companies joining the group a possibility to increase their earnings per share, as compared to a situation where the target company would have continued as an independent company, an efficient secondary market, and benefits for the development their operations. These possibilities include, for example, HR service, IT services, Administer’s sales function and other administrative services.[2]
  • Administer seeks strong profitability through continuous improvement of its service functions, precise production management, personnel and customer engagement and thus persistence and additional services that create value for the customers. Routine tasks can be automated increasingly with IT solutions also in the future. The consulting services provided by the company create added value for customers and provide Administer with sales with a higher margin.
  • Additionally, the company expects to realise the potential cost synergies associated with the EmCe acquisition before the end of the financial period 2023. Further, the company estimates that there are still unrealised cost synergies between existing group companies, especially in terms of IT systems and support functions. In Administer’s view, its current organisation would be able to generate additional net sales without a significant increase in costs by improving personnel efficiency.

[2] The company management’s estimation if the listing is completed.