Administer wants to be the best player in its field of business with the customer experience and innovative mindset as well as with its comprehensive service offering and technological solutions.

The strategy is based on profitable growth and efficient use of business synergies, both in the customer interface and in internal processes. The company has grown rapidly in recent years and the range of services has expanded significantly. The business areas are HR and financial management and related software. Silta Oy, part of the Group, is the market leader in Finland in payroll management. Group company Econia Oy is Finland’s leading expert in the fight against the grey economy.

The Group offers a unique whole where different services and technologies support each other. This provides the company with a solid basis for building profitable business in both Finland and selected markets in the Baltic Sea region. We will continue to seek growth through acquisitions and organic growth.

The goal is to develop the business in a responsible manner. Administer Group wants to be the best partner for its customers and the best employer for its employees.

Strategic targets:

We grow profitably in Finland and selected markets in the Baltic Sea region

We believe in partnership. Everything we do is profitable and based on responsible business.

We invest in customer experience

We understand our customers’ service and technology needs, and this allows us to offer the most suitable solutions from our unique range. We invest in the customer experience and well-being of our personnel.

We train our experts and develop our management

We help and encourage each other, regardless of our business or position. We train our personnel and develop our operating methods so that we can identify and solve challenges and provide better service. We develop leadership in accordance with our shared leadership vision.

We unify, clarify and streamline processes

We actively seek internal synergies between different business operations. Our goal is to reduce the environmental load related to our services and to use resources sustainably.