Administer’s strengths

Administer offers its customers outsourcing services for business-critical functions

  • Administer’s service offering consists of outsourcing services for business-critical functions, and for this reason, Administer plays a key role in its customers’ business.
  • The deep cooperation with customers forms the foundation for long customer relationships and the opportunity to grow with the customers.

Measured by net sales, Administer is one of the leading providers of financial management and payroll administration outsourcing services in Finland

  • The financial management and payroll administration markets are undergoing a digital transformation, and the use of technology in business operations has become one of the key competitive advantages.
  • Large operators have an advantage over smaller players because of their more extensive resources for developing their own technology and software that offer economies of scale in the market. As one of the leading players, Administer has a strong position in the rapidly developing market.

Administer offers its customers the opportunity to procure a wide range of continuous outsourcing services and supplementary consultancy services from the same company

Administer’s core business is based on the provision of continuous financial management and payroll administration services, in addition to which Administer can offer its customers a wide range of additional services according to their needs.

Investments in the digital service model and own software

  • Administer continuously develops its own software to maintain its competitiveness in a rapidly changing market.
  • Lately Administer has developed, for example, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of its selection of services. Administer’s investments in the digitalisation and automation of its services release employee resources from repetitive lower value-added tasks so they can be used in higher value-added consulting tasks.

Administer’s broad customer base offers the opportunity to grow in many different customer segments

  • Administer’s customer base ranges from small one-person businesses to large, listed companies, as well as public entities such as municipalities and cities.
  • Administer’s customer companies are diversified over several sectors, the largest of which, measured by net sales, are the financial sector, the energy sector, and the travel industry. The broad customer base also evens out the impact of cyclical fluctuations on Administer’s business.

The capability to serve customers locally

  • Administer has a network of business locations covering all of Finland, which enables Administer to serve customers locally.
  • The extensive office network gives Administer the capability to take local viewpoints and practices into consideration.