Administer’s strengths

Unique range of services

The Administer Group is a multi-talented provider of HR and financial management services and related software. The company’s unique range of services includes outsourcing of business-critical functions, hiring of personnel, a wide range of expert services and software, and the company therefore plays a key role in its customers’ business. Thorough cooperation with customers creates the conditions for long-term customer relationships and the opportunity to grow together with customers.

The services offered by the Group’s various business functions support the whole and enable growth.

Silta, part of the Administer Group, is a market leader in payroll outsourcing, and Econia is a leading player in the fight against the grey economy.

Broad customer base offers the opportunity to grow in many different customer segments

The customer base of the Administer Group ranges from small one-person companies to large listed companies and public sector entities such as municipalities and cities.

The company’s customer companies are spread across several lines of business, the largest of which in terms of turnover are companies in the financial, energy and tourism sectors. The large customer base compensates for the impact of economic fluctuations on Administer Group’s business. It also enables organic growth.

The capability to serve customers locally

The Administer Group has a nationwide network of offices, which enables the company to provide a local, customer-centric service. An extensive network of locations enables the company to take local perspectives and practices into account